Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Endless Race

One of my Anonymous Commenters likes to reply to my posts with poems (See “Guts”). I am not much of a poetry person, but I like her approach. Often her chosen poets speak better than I to whatever theme I aimed for.

Every now and then something really hits home. This one by Lucille Clifton, which I’ve excerpted here, matches my mood this week exactly.

we are running

running and time is clocking us.

oh pray that what we want is worth this running,

pray that what we’re running toward is what we want.

Is it just me, or does this poem feel uniquely female?

Thanks for sharing it, Mom. Err, I mean, Anonymous Commenter. ;-)


  1. Hey! I made it to the front page or the main event or something...and got outed at the same time! I am honored (I think). Thanks...I thought I'd reply (characteristically) with another poem...thanks for listening...

    Deeply Listening

    When someone deeply listens to you
    it is like holding out a dented cup you have had since childhood
    and watching it fill up with cold fresh water.

    When it balances on the top of the rim
    you are understood,

    When it overflows and touches your skin
    you are loved.

    When someone deeply listens to you
    the room where you stay starts a new life
    and the place where you wrote your first poem
    begins to glow in your minds eye.
    It’s as if gold has been discovered.

    When someone deeply listens to you
    your bare feet are on the earth
    and the beloved land that seemed distant
    is now at home within you.

    — John Fox

    Love, Anonymous Commenter/Mom

  2. Just lucky to have you, Anonymous. :)

  3. Definitely of the feminine persuasion. You ever see men running and worrying at the same time?