Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chicken Noodle Speaketh the (Unwelcome) Truth

“Jiggle jiggle! Mommy, know why your bee-hind jiggles? Because you’re old!”

Chicken Noodle made this declaration two days ago after sneaking up on me in my closet, getting dressed. I couldn’t help it, I laughed like Homer Simpson.

Ha HA!

Perhaps the sensible reaction would be to tear at my hair in lament. But I have 18 months 22 days until I hit 40, and until then all accusations of agedness will be met with hysterical laughter (even if the emphasis is on hysterical).

Just for the record, no comments on the gelatinousness of my behind will be allowed by those over the age of 5, now or 18 months from now. In case any of you were so inclined (Captain Daddy).


  1. Hilarious. I remember smiling lovingly down at a younger Henry, and him saying "Mommy, why are your eyes cracking?"

  2. You are younger than me but oh so wise, when you are in your 50's you will find how things open up a little easier. People want your advice, like I really know what I'm talking about! Just a little gray and people actually listen. You go girl and know it gets even better.

  3. Well, isn't that fabulous news. Thanks, Julie.