Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Takes Flight

Actual dialogue between my husband and myself, two weeks ago:

Me (troubled): You know what I think it is? I think I am anxious about Kindergarten.

Capt. Daddy: You are going to do fine in Kindergarten, honey.

If anyone needs me this morning, I’ll be that middle-aged blonde dripping tears in the parking lot of M. Elementary. I swear just yesterday Noodle was a little package of love with a dimple in her nose who screamed like a pterodactyl when she was angry and got me up eight times a night to breastfeed.

Mama’s so proud. Her little pterodactyl’s going off to public school. Still got that dimple in her nose, though. Sniff…


  1. And then they leave for college . . . it never gets any easier.

  2. And then THEY have babies who leave for kindergarten and college....they ALL eventually fly away. But they never forget where the nest is! And that's pretty sweet, too. Always love this blog, Kim.
    Grandma Nancy L.

  3. Hi Nancy! Yes, and I suppose once I quit taking it personally I'll realize the nest is a bit more peaceful, too, at least from 9-4. Allowing me to relocate myself from time to time.