Monday, August 2, 2010

Chapter 59, In Which My Family Legacy of Tree Hugging Veers Off the Tracks

Chicken Little on camping:

"Mom, do you think nature is beautiful?"

"Yes. I think nature is very beautiful."

"Well, nature is not beautiful to me. Stupid trees."


  1. We just got back from camping too, and finding your blog was timely. Absolutely hilarious commentary (I could have heard my four-year-old daughter say the same thing). I'm always amazed that we are having a truly beautiful nature moment, and ten minutes later walking by train tracks or something, THEN she'll say, "This is so pretty!"
    I'm blogging in Bend too, with a different twist. Nice to find you! Keep up the great words!

  2. Hi Cheryl! What amazes me is how early kids begin to contradict you just for the sake of an individual opinion. Because I know she really likes trees! At least I think she does.

    anyway, great to see you here. I checked out your blog and your photos are wonderful. hope you are enjoying our Bend summer...