Monday, July 27, 2009

Plot Twist

As those of you following along know, I began writing a novel a couple of months ago. It’s my first attempt at fiction. The process started off with a gleeful bang (see A Puzzled Thanks), a phenomenon all the more personally delightful because of the fact that I was suffering through what seemed to be the death of hopes to publish a book of narrative non-fiction ever in this lifetime.

So I threw myself wholeheartedly into fiction; forgot all about essay, for the time being anyway. And what should happen? I came across a publisher who is interested in publishing a book of my essays.

I know! Can you believe it?

Two major thoughts about this fascinating turn of events, from a meta perspective. First, the universe has a funny way of handing over the goods as soon as the protagonist finally begins to work on letting go of her need to acquire them.

And secondly, words of wisdom from so many mentors over the years are absolutely true: keep writing. No matter if you can see where you are going, no matter if it looks as if you won’t ever get there, keep writing. Because: when ten years into your writing career you quite out of the blue happen across a publisher, and he just happens to ask you a question you thought you’d never hear, maybe something like “do you have a book-length collection of essays?”, you want to be darn skippy sure you can answer, “Heck yes I do.”

No guarantees on this one, I should note. I have a lot of work to do and it must please. But I am very hopeful. And no matter what, I will remember this moment as a big fat reminder that dreams should be stuck to, but never clung to. No matter which way the winds blow, you will be fine; but never stop working for the thing that will make you leap around in your very own kitchen.

I am quite certain I will complete that novel, by the way. The whole thing is there in my head just waiting to come out. But I shall be a bit distracted for a bit working on that which I’ve always loved: writing essays.


  1. Wuh...? I have to read a post with the rest of the uiniverse to find this out???! Yur in big trouble, sista. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?

    OMG this is so exciting and I must hear details!

  2. Just seeing if anyone is paying attention. Apparently not the rest of the universe...just you! ha!

    It is exciting. I'll send you details off-blog.

  3. Wow - what a great feeling that must be! It's funny - I'm not a big believer in the phrase "it was meant to be" but I received a blaringly-clear message from the universe myself this past week. Sometimes you should listen and acknowledge.

    Keep us posted!

  4. I read about your message from the universe! I am so glad mine didn't involve bees.