Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chester Finds a Home

I may not have landed my own column or a book deal from blogging yet (my fantasies) but I have accomplished something! I am extremely pleased to announce that thanks to my recent post (Welcome Home, Chester), Chester has found a new home.

Sometime this summer, our favorite dead caribou will be moving from my hallway to Bushwhackers Country Western Dance Hall and Saloon in Tualatin (

When the offer came in, I suspected immediately that Chester would be thrilled with the activity and companionship he would find at this lively home to footstompin’ music, couples’ dance classes, Thursday ladies night, and buzzard wings—much more so than he has been here, where he is treated as, well, a wall flower.
Somewhat surprising to me was the fact that Captain Daddy wholeheartedly agreed.

The email I received from Bushwhackers’ owner said, “We await Chester’s arrival at your convenience. I hope he doesn't drool because he may be hanging over someone's table. We may have to have a private coming out party.”

Stay tuned for Chester’s big move. It may have to be recorded in pictures, especially the part where Captain Daddy and I take country western dance lessons.

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