Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fame vs. Fortune

In the pages of the current issue of High Desert Journal is an essay of mine. It’s one that is close to my heart; I am thrilled to see it in print.

The Journal is a literary and visual art magazine that once seemed beyond me. To be published by them is to stand alongside some truly talented writers. To add HDJ to my resume feels like an accomplishment, a tiny stepping-up.

And how much did they pay me? As Chicken Noodle would say: Zerio.

This sheds light on the antipodal pursuits of creative freelancing: fame and fortune. That which impresses often doesn’t pay. You get bragging rights or rent money. A very few lucky souls get both.

This yin and yang has defined my career. I’ve tried to have it just a little bit each way, balancing the prestige of thoughtful essays published in an in-flight or literary publication vs. the cold hard cash generated by lifestyle articles in the local daily or (horrors) someone’s annual report.

What’s interesting is that a friend who publishes poetry and fiction lately told me that she feels her friends and family are more impressed when she publishes an article in a magazine (no matter the topic or distribution) rather than a literary piece. So maybe what impresses the neighbors is amorphous. Any thoughts on this?

In any case, the current market means that everyone seems to be writing their own annual reports and therefore I have more *opportunity* to submit to the literary world than I have in years. And less money to buy the chickens ice cream. But that’s okay. Captain Daddy’s in charge of generating ice cream money, anyway :).

And money was never a consideration for me with High Desert Journal. Just happy to be there. Check out for more info on the Journal. It’s a great publication.

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